SEAL - 7
SEAL - 7
SEAL - 7

SEAL - 7

Fiyat : ₺230,00(KDV Dahil)
Group / Sanatçı : Seal
Album Name : 7
Label : Warner Bros. Records  
Release Date : 2015
Origin : Europe 
Condition : Ambalajında 
Description : Double Lp & Açılır Kapak 
Track List :
LP1 A Yüzü:
1. Daylight Saving
2. Every Time I'm With You 
3. Life On The Dancefloor
B Yüzü:
1. Padded Cell
2. Do You Ever 
3. The Big Love Has Died 
LP2 A Yüzü:
1. Redzone Killer  
2. Monascow 
3. Half A Heart  
B Yüzü:
1. Let Yourself   
2. Love 
Band Members : 
Seal: vocals (all), programming 
Joel Peters: drums , programming , percussion 
Earl Harvin: drums, cymbals 
Ash Soan: drums 
Abe Rounds: drums 
Aaron Horn: programming 
Stephan Moccio: piano, keys, programming
Julian Hinton: keys, programming 
Jamie Odell: keys, programming 
Cameron Gower Poole: programming, percussion 
Dave McCracken: programming 
Justin Parker: keys, programming
Anne Dudley: piano 
Tim Weidner: programming, sound FX 
Trevor Horn: bass, keys (all), guitar, backing vocals 
Chris Bruce: bass, guitars 
Jamie Muhoberac: bass, piano, organ, keys, programming
Paul Turner: bass 
Simon Bloor: guitars, piano, keys, programming 
Phil Palmer: guitars
Lol Crème: guitar, percussion, backing vocals
Josh Campbell: guitar
Luis Jardim: percussion
Paul Spong: trumpet 
Steve Sidwell: trumpet 
Andy Wood: trombone 
Dave Bishop: sax 
Minnetonka: backing vocals 
Mr Probz: backing vocals 
orchestral arrangement/orchestra conducted by Dudley, Nick Ingman, Hinton 
additional orchestration: Hinton, Bloor 
brass arrangement: Sidwell 
Redzone Killer